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The more firms you work with to manage your enrollment, the more cumbersome it can be to juggle all of the campaigns, concepts, and creative components. The more vendors you employ, the more your brand’s cohesion and consistency are at risk. We offer a comprehensive suite of enrollment marketing solutions, making your operation simple, streamlined, and successful—from the generation of qualified leads all the way through to enrollment.

Student Search


Search is identifying mission-fit students, meeting them where they are with authentic messaging about your institution and communicating with timely, clear, and compelling calls to action that move students to the next level in your funnel.

CHE search entails:

  • Research. Custom data analysis, recommendations, name procurement, and segment building.
  • Reach. Omni-channel marketing campaigns that engage students at multiple touchpoints.
  • Results. Our search campaigns produce over twice the number of qualified leads as the industry average.

Is your funnel fully loaded with the right inquiries? It’s never too late to initiate student search.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can generate the qualified leads you need to keep the top of your funnel healthy, but it can be difficult to know what strategy you should employ. One thing that is certain, however, is that it’s critical to meet prospective students where they are—their smartphone.

CHE’s digital strategies:

  • Custom Match. Serving social media ads directly to a list of students you provide.
  • Lookalike audiences. Finding similar students not on your provided list and serving social media ads to reach new prospects and elicit new inquiries.
  • Retargeting. Serving social media ads to visitors to your institutional webpages or landing pages.
  • Geofencing. Serving social media ads to individuals within a certain radius, like a community college campus, high school, or business.
  • AdWords (SEM/PPC). Search engine top-of-page paid ads with landing pages designed to capture lead information.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Improving your institutional website’s ranking so it gains more visibility in web searches.

Finding your way onto smartphones is a highly effective lead-gen strategy for both traditional and adult students, and we can help you choose the right strategy without being overwhelmed.

Comm Flow

Effective comm flows increase conversions throughout your entire funnel. We build custom communication plans that integrate with your internal processes and that enhance your recruitment efforts through critical background messaging and activity.

CHE comm flows:

  • Segmentation. Every stage of the recruitment funnel is unique. Each stage requires its own special messaging, channels of delivery, and call to action. We design and develop communication campaigns that target transfers, parents, first-gen, nontraditional, and more.
  • Integration & automation. Reduce your manual time and energy through an automated flow that keeps students engaged and moving from lead to enrolled, integrated with your operation. We provide the process; you provide the personal touch.
  • Omni-channel. Our campaigns are designed to provide multiple touchpoints, meeting students where they are. Campaigns can consist of any mix of print, email, digital, texting, and/or ringless voicemail.

Design and Content Creation

Today’s students are bombarded by marketing messaging from dozens of institutions. You must have a brand that is visually distinct and a message that is authentically you. As a critical foundation for implementing marketing solutions, we conduct thorough discovery and research that informs messaging, design, and strategy development. Our team of designers, copywriters, and higher ed consultants will work together to ensure your brand stands out so that students want in.

CHE provides design and content creation services for print publications like mailers and viewbooks to banners and signage to digital email marketing and microsite design.

Print and Mail Fulfillment

Despite the seismic shift to digital in the last decade, print remains a classic component of college marketing. CHE is a fully operational print and mail solutions provider and is within the top 300 largest print operations in the U.S. and Canada. Our eco-friendly printing press combines the best aspects of sustainability and production while delivering high-quality materials. Whether you need a hundred pieces or a hundred thousand, we can deliver cost-effective, high-quality materials that are as unique as your institution.

Captivate CRM

Organize, engage, and invigorate your recruitment pool with Captivate, CHE’s CRM solution. With an easy-to-use interface, Captivate orders your database, tracks communications, directs counselors, and enables leadership to manage more effectively. Key features include:

  • Daily to-do lists for counselors based on their students’ positioning in the funnel.
  • Ability to import and export data files for easy transferal.
  • Tracking for emails, phone calls, text messages, visits, and event attendance per student.
  • Leadership dashboards that include a macro and micro (counselor) perspective to track performance and KPIs.


We take a holistic approach when it comes to work with our partners. When you partner with CHE, you won’t just receive a campaign. You’ll receive a team of higher ed professionals and marketing practitioners who have sat in your seat and who know the challenges you face and the goals you’re aiming to achieve.

CHE partners receive value-add regular interaction with their designated team who will provide on-the-ground consulting through regular check-ins tied to search and digital campaigns.

We also offer direct impact consulting services like recruiter training for lead follow up and enrollment leader consultation for new enrollment leaders. Whether your team needs a crash course in the fundamentals or help navigating the newest industry trend, we can provide you the training and tools necessary for successful recruitment and enrollment management.


Work smarter, not harder, when you incorporate modeling into your enrollment operation.

  • Predictive modeling allows you to save time and money by focusing your finite resources on students with the highest payoff.
  • Net tuition revenue modeling enables institutions to use multi-year historical data to inform their packaging matrix, meaning you don’t give away too much or too little.

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