Our partner success

We don’t count ourselves successful unless our partners are successful. Our aim is to lead colleges and universities to enrollment growth, and we celebrate big when our partners win! Don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of our highlights.

Something New at Newberry

In the summer of 2021, Newberry College knew it had to do something different to reverse its negative enrollment trend. Newberry partnered with CHE at that time to perform an omni-channel search strategy to identify, target, and attract qualified, mission-fit leads into their funnel. As a result of the search campaign, Newberry enjoyed a record incoming class that exceeded all previous Fall benchmarks. The CHE search effort generated 7,240 total inquiries, with a 7.77% name-buy-to-inquiry conversion rate that led to a direct matriculation of 93 new students directly from the campaign, or 18.8% of the 494-student Fall 2022 class.

Longstanding Impact at Limestone University

CHE partnered with Limestone University over a decade ago to provide student search, communication flows, and publications with a goal of increasing traditional undergraduate growth. Since 2012, CHE has produced over 38,649 qualified inquiries impacting the continued growth at Limestone as the college transitioned to university status. The 2021-2022 search cycle produced an impressive 6.04% conversion from name buy to inquiry. This followed a 2020-2021 search campaign that converted at 8.48%. These conversion rates produced a total of 58 new students from the most recent search campaign.

OK, Oklahoma Baptist!

Through solid leadership and a willingness to adapt to a changing market with ever-evolving strategies, OBU has enjoyed significant positive enrollment growth these last few years. CHE is a proud OBU partner and has contributed to that growth through student search, generating 7,862 qualified inquiries in the 2022-2023 cycle that yielded 114 unique matriculants. Way go to OBU!

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