Why CHE?

There are many choices out there when it comes to enrollment-based marketing and communications support, from corporate giants to boutique agencies to freelance consultants. What sets Clark Higher Ed apart from all the rest?

Problem-Solving Practitioners

Our team consists of seasoned enrollment professionals who have been in your seat and have experienced your challenges. We’ll consider ourselves an extension of your team as we work on your behalf, providing innovative solutions that will increase your enrollment and revenue.

Customized, Not Cookie Cutter

Every institution and its competitive environment is different. CHE guarantees nimble and flexible solutions tailored to your enrollment marketing and communication needs.


Though we serve all institutional types, CHE primarily partners with small to mid-sized private institutions. We understand you and your mission. We want to help magnify it.

One Stop Shop

Save on costs and the headache of working with a multitude of vendors. From buying names to branding, from digital marketing to financial aid modeling, from consulting to print and mail fulfillment, CHE will put the system in place that generates high-quality leads and nurtures them, allowing your staff the time and ability to connect and recruit personally.

All Audiences Welcome

We provide solutions for undergraduate, graduate, adult and online, and law populations.

These are our distinctives. Let us help promote your distinctives.

What are our Results?

Clark Higher Ed is helping colleges and universities across the country achieve enrollment goals: realizing record classes, meeting the right student mix, and exceeding tuition net revenue benchmarks. With over 156 combined years in team experience and a comprehensive toolbox of tailor-fit solutions that support your funnel, CHE’s purpose is to bring success to its partner institutions.

Since 2017, we have reached out to over 3.5 million prospective students and have provided close to 200,000 qualified leads to our partner institutions. Our search lead generation rate of 4.77% more than doubles the national average of 2.02%.

We will build and support a system unique to your institution that qualifies leads, increases inquiries, and boosts conversion rates so your enrollment team can establish and nurture the personal relationships that make all the difference.

Why We Do What We Do

As important as who we are and what we offer, we think our why is the most important thing about us.

Why do we do what we do? Because we believe in the transformative power of higher education and we are deeply committed to seeing institutions thrive. We know how difficult your job is. And we also know how important it is. When we are able to partner with institutions like yours and can provide guidance and support that lead to tangible results, we consider that a mission worth going all in for.


I have partnered with Clark Higher Ed at two different institutions. I can you tell you from experience they aren't 'cookie cutter' and work hard to personalize marketing and messaging for each institution that is true to our brand. They are a great partner that understands our institution and the unique challenges and needs of Christian higher education.

Will Brantley, M.A.
Vice President, Enrollment Management
Oklahoma Baptist University

If you want to partner with a company who treats you like family rather than like a number, working with Clark Higher Ed is exactly where you need to be. Our friends at CHE have transitioned from consultants to colleagues in no time, and we’re excited about what the future holds.

Dondi Costin, PhD
Charleston Southern University

I have worked with several other national vendors and am ecstatic that we are now clients of Clark Higher Ed. I believe the most significant difference with the CHE team compared to some of the other agencies is their understanding of the Christian higher education market. CHE builds their strategies on best practices and tailors them to your institution, rejecting the cookie-cutter approach that many other national vendors use. I am also impressed by the breadth of CHE’s acquired experience with many of their employees working in similar roles as practitioners in higher educational institutions. This market and institutional knowledge allow us to make real-time, data-educated decisions. Finally, I have personally found CHE’s customer service second to none.

Darren Crowder, M.A.
Vice President Enrollment Management
Southwest Baptist University